As the modern trends and preferences are replacing the old, the innovative and qualitative packaging of the food grade has become all-imperative. At Uniworth, the food grade packaging materials and PVC films are manufactured on the excellent calendar lines along with special care and under the controlled environment. Also, the products are the best fit for different food packaging films requirements as they can be easily tailored to the clients’ needs of diverse width, grades, and shades.

Product Features

  • Hygienic, non-toxic, and odorless in nature
  • Available in different sizes, grades, and colors
  • Stable in extreme temperature, moisture, and pressure conditions
  • Glass-like clarity and high gloss
  • Excellent resistance to stress and cold cracking
  • Comply with latest USP for toxicity and heavy metal content
  • VCM content complies with EU Directives 98|128|EEC with amendments as 2012|72|EC and Directive 78|142|EEC
  • Outstanding thermoforming, laminating and printing properties
  • Reliable transportation of the food packaging materials
  • Good denesting property


  • Standard solution for food packaging
  • Design, size and shape flexibility accommodates varied clients’ needs
  • Excellent barrier to moisture prevents the unnecessary food wastage
  • Recyclable material save the environment
  • Prevent the microbial growth during manufacturing, transportation or use


The standard food grade PVC packaging films offer inherent benefits with the development of varied food packaging products such as:

  • Punnets
  • Clam pack
  • Boxes and lamination
  • Deep Draw Films
  • Anti-fog Films
  • Freezer Grade

Technical specification of Food Packaging Grade

SR. No. Parameters unit standard
01 Color / Appearance Visual As per Standard Specimen
02 Thickness of PVC film Micron Standard ± 7 %
03 Grammage of PVC GM/ Sq. Meter Standard ± 7 %
04 Tensile Strength Kg/cm2 (Min) 450
05 Dimensional Stability MD % (Max) -7.0
06 Dimensional Stability TD % (Max) -2.0
07 Elongation at peak % (min) 5.0
08 Impact Strength GM (min) 350
09 Width tolerance Mm (Max) +1
10 Sealing (HSL coated blister foil) GM/15 Mm (min) 500
11 Core ID Mm 76 + 1

Why Food Packaging Grade
From Uniworth Is Ultimate?

Uniworth’s range of food grade films is manufactured in the safe environment complying with food industry packaging regulations. The non-toxic products without compromising on quality are mass-produced and distributed into the market post quality assurance to satisfy the packaging needs and maintain the customer loyalty across the globe. The PVC food grade films are certainly the best packaging solution for the future catering upcoming needs of the food packaging.

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