In tropical regions, the hygroscopic sensitive products packaging need to be of high quality. PVdC coated PVC films manufactured by Uniworth are considered as best for the blister packaging due to the coating over rigid PVC films. The PVdC coating of optimum thickness on one side of the packaging minimizes the gas and moisture permeability.

The thickness of PVC  ranges from 200 to 350 microns with coating GSM 20, 40, 60,90 and 120 GSM to suit the different pharma and food packaging requirements. Also, PVdC coated PVC film is produced as per current GMP norms and in compliance with pharmaceutical packaging regulations.

USFDA Type III DMF NO. 032496

Product Features

  • Excellent thermoforming properties, Can be built in different thickness
  • Great barrier properties against moisture and gas
  • Comply with all necessary standard manufacturing regulations
  • High dimension stability and remarkable abrasion resistance
  • Completely non-toxic material, Also available in wide range of colors
  • Layers are tightly packed with strong bonds
  • The coating thickness can be customized based on the barrier property requirements
  • Works perfectly on both rotary blister and flatbed packing lines
  • Coating adds high gloss or metallic finish to the packaging
  • No aroma and flavor loss or pickup


  • Provide superior protection to the packaging
  • It’s cost effective as low heat energy needed
  • Remain unaffected by relative humidity
  • Perform well on a wide range of packaging and environmental conditions
  • Maximize the shelf life of the product


The PVdC coated PVC films are suitable  for blister packaging:

  • Roll Wrap
  • Overwrap
  • Blister Packaging
  • Form Fill Seal
  • Lamination
  • Printing

Technical specification of PVC / PVdC

SR. No. Parameters unit standard
01 Color / Appearance Visual As per Standard Specimen
02 Thickness of PVC film Micron Standard ± 7 %
03 Grammage of PVC GM/ Sq. Meter Standard ± 7 %
04 Grammage of PVdC coating GM/ Sq. Meter Standard ± 4
05 Dimensional Stability MD % (Max) -7.0
06 Dimensional Stability TD % (Max) -2.0
07 Elongation at peak % (min) 4.0
08 Adhesion PVdC to PVC film Should pass the tape test
09 Width tolerance Mm (Max) +1
10 Sealing (HSL coated blister foil) GM/15 Mm (min) 500
11 Core ID Mm 76 + 1

Why PVC / PVdC
From Uniworth Is Ultimate?

The company perfectly understands the importance of PVdC coating in the blister packaging to minimize the moisture and gas permeability. That’s the reason the high barrier PVdC coated films leveraging the advanced coating technology in accordance with GMP and ISO standards are built. The specialists determine the suitable composition for the films to be produced in different thickness, and the entire production process that comprises of coating, calendering, slitting and lamination takes place in the clean room.

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