Triplex – PVC /PE/PVdC

Some sensitive or hygroscopic pharmaceutical products need a high level of protection against moisture and oxygen where conventional PVC or PVdC films won’t work. That’s where triplex (PVC/PE/PVdC), the best blister film for medicines packaging is more favourable.

Uniworth’s triplex film is manufactured by laminating PVC film with PE layer followed by PVdC coating on it, where all the operations like- calendering, lamination and coating are done under one roof in a controlled environment and in an accordance to national and international standards.

USFDA Type III DMF NO. 032497

Product Features

  • Outstanding thermoformability
  • Excellent barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor and external odors
  • Available in glass, white, transparent or standard colors
  • Structure can be tailor-made for blister packaging
  • Formulated following calendering process
  • Runs well on standard blister forming machines
  • Designed for a range of thickness
  • Meet all the pharma rules and regulations


  • Ensure safety and efficiency of the blister films
  • The best fit for deep and large cavity blister packs
  • A bliss for the tropical regions
  • Provide better mechanical stability of the cavities


Triplex are produced to never let the sensitive medicines settle with second option and deliver unprecedented performance. They are ideal for the packing of enzyme preparations, anti-diabetes tablets, logenze formulations and anti-tuberculosis drugs.

Technical specification of Triplex – PVC /PE/PVdC

SR. No. Parameters unit standard
01 Color / Appearance Visual As per Standard Specimen
02 Thickness of PVC film Micron Standard ± 7 %
03 Grammage of PVC GM/ Sq. Meter Standard ± 7 %
04 Thickness of PE Micron 25 ± 10%
05 PVdc Coating GSM GM/ Sq. Meter Standard ± 4
06 Tensile Strength Kg/cm2 (Min) 450
07 Dimensional Stability MD % (Max) – 7.0
08 Dimensional Stability TD % (Max) + 2.0
09 Elongation at peak % (Min) 5.0
10 Impact Strength GM (min) 350
11 Width tolerance mm (Max) ± 1
12 Sealing (HSL coated blister foil) GM/15 mm (min) 500
13 Core ID Mm 76 + 1

Why Triplex – PVC /PE/PVdC
From Uniworth Is Ultimate?

The cost-effective, high barrier triplex filmsare produced in high yield with higher bond strengths between the layers to meet the complex pharmaceutical specifications and stability criteria ofdifferent types of medications. After the in-depth research, extensive R&D and rigorous testing, the variety of blister films are introduced so that the clients can get the best packaging material without compromising on the protection requirements.

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