Just like pharmaceutical companies, end user also demand safe and high-quality packaging for the medication they take. That’s why at Uniworth, the wide range of packaging films offered that includes rigid PVC Blister Film , PVC/PVdC films, Alu Alu laminates, and Triplex films to pack the pharmaceutical products in the best possible way, which protect the products against environmental conditions and microbial contamination, and reduce the waste.

The company is the global supplier of the high-quality pharmaceutical packaging films that are manufactured and distributed under safe environments and industry-standard compliances.

Product Features

  • High degree of barrier to oxygen, gases, and moisture
  • Available in varied thickness and coating level
  • Withstand under extreme temperature and pressure
  • Completely non-toxic, tasteless and aroma less
  • Opaque nature makes the packaging photosensitive
  • Offered in a transparent or varied range of colors
  • Resistant to heat, UV, and radiation
  • Outstanding thermoforming capabilities
  • Conforms to GMP standards and US FDA 21 CFR


  • Excellent clarity in the films
  • Promote the long shelf life of the products
  • Safer transit ensures flawless distribution of the products
  • Standard packaging solution for all climatic zones
  • Cost saving along with reduced waste
  • Improved operational efficiency and packaging line speed
  • Compatible with sterilization methods


Uniworth’s pharmaceutical packaging grade films are used for myriad medical and pharmaceutical packaging of the products such as:

  • Ampoules, tablets, and capsules
  • Disposable syringes, adhesive tapes, and needles
  • Dispensers of nasal spray and eye liquids
  • Blister packaging
  • Sterile medical device packaging

Technical specification of Pharmaceutical Packaging Grade

Specifications shall be provided as per customers requirements of particular product, however specifications varies as per customers specific requirements.

Why Pharmaceutical Packaging Grade
From Uniworth Is Ultimate?

Uniworth combines the science innovation and pharmaceutical packaging knowledge to create the new films and formulations that have set a standard of excellence in the medical and pharmaceutical packaging industry. The convenient, and easy-to- use tailored solutions are engineered based on client’s demands leveraging unmatched technical support expertise and the years of manufacturing experience. You will get a complete package at Uniworth comprising of high-quality packaging products along with outstanding service.

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